Welfare to Work

Personalisation in Welfare to Work

Quite apart from the obvious challenges facing the welfare to work sector of;

  • reduced budgets,Welfare to Work
  • accelerated funding models,
  • full cost recovery,
  • innovative delivery models,
  • sanctions,
  • localisation,
  • the future role of Jobcentre Plus, etc….

….the other two contentious issues are defining and delivering personalisation and Financial viability.

Personalisation. The track record of personalised welfare services has not been good. The outcome of test programmes, such as the Working Neighbourhoods pilot and Pathways to Work has been disappointing and staggeringly expensive. With personalisation comes Choice; together, personalisation and choice are a means of enabling users to shape the design, development and delivery of their services.

Choice can also inform purchasers about the needs and preferences of end users and it can be used to harness and drive up standards ensuring that providers are required to satisfy user needs in competition with other providers.

Services which have traditionally been delivered by the state are now commissioned and delivered by organisations like yourselves who are best placed to provide it. Commissioning requires effective separation between the purchaser, the provider and the end beneficiaries. The question of how the purchaser ensures that personalisation and choice is built into their complex procurement and delivery model and how personalisation is benchmarked, managed and assessed is as important as the question of what the impact of commissioning has on the availability of choice and personalisation.

Financial Viability. It is widely argued that far from encouraging a personalised approach for the jobseeker the current PEP programme – and to some extent FND -is not financially viable and is forcing providers between a rock and a hard place of wanting to help their clients into work but being unable to realistically take the financial risk of the funding model….

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  1. when will the central budget distibuters realise that the budget they are working with is not enough

    are the cuts from the DWP budget in staff or payments cos the pensioner needs more
    are those natural wastage of staff or natural wastage of client base
    but are they DEATH that isnt and will they be back in six months shouting what have you done to my pension and being told sorry you are not old enough

    so called therapy reverting for ill health is putting peoples financing into turmoil are to you up to sorting it out

    THE NATIONAL cake basically is not enough
    they need to start at the top and redisribute

    there is no way we can continue allowing further cut backs in any welfare department

    all benefits need to be increased to give any economy at all
    no way can it be recouped in taxes
    basic living with no vehicle but a bit of leisure costs £242-00 every week
    not once a month
    and that is without drinking smoking doing drugs and without a vehicle to run

    people are struggling to earn it and they certainly are not yet getting it in benefits

    its no way BOOM……..we are in a recession
    its just existing as comfotably as we can expect in a techi age world that should be going forward not in reverse
    no good getting children out of poverty in 2015
    it needs to be tommorrow

    they die otherwise
    and i dont advocate hastening death but saving lives what have we hot a NHS for otherwise

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