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News on Flexible New Deal!!

Other news!!

FND 1 providers have been asked to meet with DWP. There are two possible reasons for this

It could be to discuss their performance against their performance offer with a view to making decisions on FND2, PEP, CTF etc

or TWO
The word on the street is that the Work Programme will commence in June 2011. As you know, the notice period for the termination of existing contracts is 12 months……..!!!!


  1. We are a prime contractor for New Deal, we are also a sub – contractor for FND 1 and as we have been developing the business to give us National Coverage in Scotland. Our investment in premises over the next 5 years was based on the award of FND 1 and being in the successful PPQ with all prime contractors in the areas of our development within FND 2. The short notice periods and announcements are unsatisfactory. The customers we serve are in greater numbers and yet the providers even with investment to meet the market demand are left with very little information.

  2. What is likely to happen to FND2 areas? We are a Prime New Deal contractor in Scotland. Are the New Deal contracts likely to be extended – we haven’t got a clue because as usual DWP is only talking to the big boys and not people like us even though we deal with around 2750 customers every year.

    • There is much speculation: Lets wait until tomorrow…….

      what we do know is that from the last meeting with providers (2nd June) Chris Grayling MP and Lord Freud advised that we would have to wait at least two weeks before receiving clarity on the fate of existing contracts, future provision and the Work Programme.

      The expected Ministerial Statement tomorrow will be ahead of this time. Well done: but the delay has caused much anxiety!

      Julian, you make an important point, the numbers of customers that you and others work with makes it important that DWP reaches out and communicates as widely as possible.

      I am sure that in this new era of Glasnost things will be more transparent.
      The challenges of getting the pricing structure regime right for the new scheme and the need for larger contracts was also discussed at the meeting.

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