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The Future of Welfare to Work: Opportunities or Threats?

As we previously reported there is a noticeable willingness from providers to discuss Acquisitions and Mergers. See our newsletters and Press.

Last weeks news hit the sector pretty hard.
Providers are concerned about;
  • financial viability and capacity,
  • capability of delivery,
  • geographic reach,
  • organisational size and structure,
Many are now actively are exploring,
  • Potential for growth and expansion,
  • Opportunities for sustainability,
  • New ways to replicate and scale-up their innovative programmes
If you are a small or medium organisation how do you?
  • Increase and replicate your excellent work?
  • Demonstrate that your innovation is scalable?
  • Compete with other providers and new entrants in the sector?
  • Ensure sustainability in a fiscally tight environment and with outcomes focused payments?
For larger providers, how do you?
  1. Effectively and efficiently expand your delivery?
  2. Gain local access, credibility, knowledge and acceptance?
  3. Demonstrate the public benefit of your expansion,
  4. Demonstrate that your footprint in new regions can and will transform lives and delivery?

Providers are now actively discussing and seeking opportunities to merge or be acquired.

Yes Minister has been involved in brokering discussions and is happy to make initial introductions.


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