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The Work Programme creates job security in Welfare2Work

The Birth of The Work Programme has lifted the cloud. Due to PEP, staff employed to deliver New Deal contracts faced uncertainty about their jobs. Even with TUPE undertaking, many staff believed that – come October – they would either be out of work or be negotiating terms!

However, as a result of the Birth of The Work Programme these employees are now in a position of having secure work to June 2010 -when The Work Programme goes live – and beyond. These workers will also be TUPED across to The Work Programme which is a 4 year programme (even though it will only run for 3 and a half years), so theoretically they will be in work until the end of the Coalition government.

Providers delivering New Deal have also breathed a sigh of relief….. The birth of The Work Programme and the cancellation of other programmes has played to their strength and given them 12 month of security.

The challenge for these providers is that they need to significantly increase their performance or else they could find themselves without contracts from June 2010.

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