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Is the privatisation of Jobcentre Plus inevitable?

JCP is under pressure to cut costs…. this will inevitably mean jobs… the 6,000 people taken on by JCP last year to assist with the increased FND flows are obviously high on the hit list.

Under the Work Programme JCP no longer has the guarantee of clients (under 25)  for 12 months.  Whilst a ‘fair’ number of JCP staff could be TUPED across to the Work Programme ‘The Word on the Street‘ is that across the board we are likely to see significant job losses across the department.
We understand that a number of areas have now been identified.

The other question that is been asked is whether The Work Programme signals the beginning of the privatisation of JCP.
More thoughts and news on this coming soon….


  1. This is justice…. jobseekers who claim benefits are criticised for leeching from the state (although they will soon have to work for their benefits fulltime – this is in addition to the requirements to register for training and employment, and to actively seek work and be available for work)

    On the other hand, jobcentre plus staff are paid more from the taxpayer and most (not all!) are so slow and not capable of doing their jobs.

    A report published ( shows how the public sector is better paid and requires less work than the private sector with far higher expectations.

    I dont agree with privatisation of JCP although there is an simple element of common sense in their madness! This is the wrong approach though. Cap public sector pay to that of a private employer and increase productivity of the workers… if they cant do that then they will need to sit on the other side of the table and claim on the dole!!

  2. Lord Freud, the Minister for Welare Reforms and the architect of the new programme The Works Programme will outline to delegates at the ALP Conference on 15 July the details of the new scheme and transition period from Flexible New Deal to new welfare to work initiative.

    More details click here

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