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Initial news from DWP meetings with providers

One-to-one meetings are being held between DWP and providers. The general tenant of the conversations is around the future plans and the new framework. There are four basic elements of the assessment
  1. Financial capacity and robustness
  2. physical management and an organisations capacity to deliver
  3. Experience and expertise of the provider/s (The ‘S’ is very important)
  4. The Value for Money Test
Decisions will be made by November 2010 on which organisations will be in the Framework.

The Department hopes that some elements of the Work programme will commence before March 2011 so look at for early front-runners.

Health warning; those organisations that do not get onto the framework will not be partners for the next four years.

We will be watching and listening to see if the principles of DWP’s Commissioning Strategy still hold sway. In particular the commitment of contracting out contracting out, of doing business with a stable core of providers (80%).
let us know if you have any bits of news: Confidentiality assured.  We will keep you informed of any news… no matter how small…!


  1. I too am intrested in gaining access to the application process & would appreciate any informination.

    Lloyd LaRose-Jones
    Harmony Management Consulting

  2. Dear Colleague

    I am eager to know about how to gain ‘membership’ of the new Framework. I would imagine that the normal PQQ and ITT process would apply and if anyone has any information regarding this, please could they share it with us?

    Kind Regards

    Peter Hearn
    Head of Programmes
    TLE Training

  3. Dear Colleague,

    Does this framework apply to sub contractors ,as well as
    prime contractors / consortia leads ?

    Many thanks.



    • My initial answer – and I am happy to be corrected – is that in the first instance the Framework will be for “so Called” PRIMES or providers who would like to be considered as PRIMES.

      It is however inevitable that – many – PRIMES will then subcontract to other providers. Based on the principles of the Commissioning Strategy (which may or may not be relevant now) the same exacting standards and terms must be maintained through the supply chain; it is therefore inevitable that other providers will have access to entering the Framework.

      If there is any doubt, please read below…… this is part of the Ministerial Statement and reflects the content of the letter received from DWP.
      ….I PARAPHRASE….
      The Work Programme Framework, will be used for the Work Programme and for all future Welfare to Work contracts. The Framework will be accessible by other public service commissioners who wish to commission work-focused services. this is a key sentence…. by definition ALL providers MUST be given the opportunity to be on the framework!!

      …the other key point is ….
      Selection on to the framework will be based on a provider’s ability and capacity to deliver job focused services over the lifetime of the framework.

      Question: what is or how long is the lifetime of the framework?

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