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G4S's innovative approach and solution to funding and delivering W2W successfully

G4S explains that the AME/DEL formulation of the problem is wrong.

There is no funding challenge.
Raising the capital required by the Work Programme is not difficult and the sums of money are readily attainable by credible, stable potential Prime Contractors. So there is not a funding challenge as it is currently conceived.
There is however a real challenge around getting the risk balance right
Three propositions are presented:
Proposition 1

  • A ‘Discovery Phase’ (DP) period  that properly shares risk and reward between Prime Contractors and the State
Proposition 2
  • Accelerated Risk Transfer (ART)
Proposition 3
  • Macro-Economics & Contractual mechanisms. This is where providers are only rewarded for outcomes that they caused and they providers are not penalised for factors beyond their control

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