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Anonymous responses to the framework- part 2


In response to G4S

The Government wants to take no risks at all and place the financial risks on providers.

Which investor/s in their right mind is going to put up finance based on the possibility of a long-term unemployed person getting into work after about a year or 2 years and the person staying in work for a further 1 year before they see any ROI.

Where are these jobs going to be found in the current economic climate made even more problematic by the large scale job cuts and stringent tax regime being imposed?

Am I the only one that sees that this whole idea is fraught with danger?  Has any one even raised the question of legality around this framework that will exclude 90% of the market?

The City will not accept the 80/20 split; it’s not feasible… I am confused about the Framework it seems to be a call for everyone to come in.

There was already concern about the framework see our previous anonymous blog

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