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– JCP short-term contracts come to an end

The recent economic downturn and subsequent increase in the number of Jobseeker’s Allowance claimants resulted in a rising demand for Jobcentre Plus services. In order to meet this demand, Jobcentre Plus recruited an additional 16,000 staff.

In our recent posting we highlighted that JCP has been very successful in placing jobseekers into work.


We have learnt that ‘most’ of the 16,000 appointed on short term contracts from 2008 will not have their contracts renewed.  This is not a blanket policy but it will be applied in specific geographic areas.

We are also aware that Core Hours  8:30- 6pm – otherwise know as  ‘Chartered Hours’  – are also being brought in. There will/may be a consultation process….


It will be interesting to see how the unions will respond.


At the same time, a package of temporary ‘downturn measures’ was developed for use in Jobcentre Plus offices as a short-term solution to help manage increasing customer volumes and staff workloads, whilst maintaining levels of customer service.


The report below presents findings from qualitative research which explored Jobcentre Plus staff’s perceptions of the downturn measures in order to gain an insight into their effectiveness.



  1. Just had my contract extended…

    • Excellent news

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