– John Hayes MP reaffirms the government’s commitment to apprenticeships

John Hayes MP, the Further Education, Skills and Life Long Learning Minister, recently outlined his vision for apprenticeships and reiterated the government’s commitment to work-based learning and training.

Speaking at the Group Training Associations’ annual conference on the 29th September, the Minister told attendees that the government is firmly committed to expanding the number of apprenticeships currently available and that the coalition is working hard to ensure that they are made accessible to both learners and businesses. Mr Hayes said that the government plans to do this by:

• Increasing the number of apprenticeship places on offer and prioritising more advanced skills levels at level three and above;

• Adopting a firm approach in establishing what the employer contribution to apprenticeship programmes should be; and

• Making it easier for businesses to access apprenticeships.

John Hayes MP said:

“The truest measure of the success or failure of this Government’s commitment to apprenticeships will be found in how well-equipped today’s young people will be in future years to face the shifting challenges of life and work. To be successful in that, we must create a radically new model for workplace training with apprenticeships at its heart and with partnership between Government, employers and individuals as its motive force”

He continued:

“We have promised to re-shape the apprenticeships programme to ensure that it provides more high-quality training opportunities. We have already begun to deliver on that promise by redeploying £150 million to provide an extra 50,000 places”

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