– Seetec announces Framework partners

Seetec is forming one of the most exciting partnerships and innovative W2W delivery models in our market place.


To date we are proud to announce that we will be working with our partners:

  • Deloitte – providing corporate finance advice to access funding across our delivery model, supply chain and partners.
  • KPMG – advising on driving supply chain transformation and innovation.
  • National Skills Academy for Retail – this sector is the UK’s largest employer. Seetec will work closely with the NSA for Retail which plays a key role in driving forward skills and qualifications for current and future employees. As an accredited member, Seetec is appointed to lead the country’s leading skills academy.

Jeremy Nutter, Chief Executive stated. “Our plans will ensure flexible and responsive supply chains focused on sustained outcomes. We are committed to personalising customer services and investing resources into the hardest to help customer groups responding to the localisation agenda”.


Across all the Framework Lots where we operate, we will be an exciting, innovative and inspiring provider of services. Our proposals include a number of USP’s:

  • Employers – We have a truly employer demand led delivery infrastructure through our engagement with Sector Skills Councils and National Skills Academies. Our strategic partnerships are with the UK’s largest employers and regeneration initiatives committed to recruiting W2W customers.
  • Big Society – through our charitable trust partnerships we have access to a £1m enabling fund to facilitate and connect civic institutions, communities and people to support delivery in our respective Lots.
  • IT – Our investment and expertise in IT empowers our supply chain with leading edge technology to transform delivery and provide more for less. This includes world class E-Learning systems; Provider Enterprise, the industry leader MIS system; the UK’s first employability cloud computing application for employers and customers supporting the latter from W2W to CPD.


As one of the UK’s largest and most experienced W2W prime contractors, running FND, PSL, New Deal Prime, JCPSC, PLPtW, NDDP, Work Choice and ESF we have over 25 years of W2W and skills experience meeting the needs of employers, jobseekers, people with disabilities and lone parents. We have an existing national structure of over 75 centres and over 850 staff; with supply chains of end to end and intervention sub-contractors and providers.

Expressions of Interest

As a national provider, we have taken the decision to grow and refresh our supply chains’ delivery coverage in the geographic locations where our infrastructure already exists. Seetec has bid in the following Framework Lots:

  • East of England
  • East Midlands
  • London
  • North West
  • South East
  • South West
  • West Midlands

“We are seeking high performing subcontractors and specialist providers who are dynamic and who share our drive and passion” added Alison Bunney, Business Development Director. “If you are committed to excellence, can add value to our supply chain, demonstrate innovation and ability to deliver and / or support performance we are interested in hearing from you”. We are seeking the following partners:

  • End-to-end – provision to a wide range of customers across one or more geographical areas and / or customer groups.
  • Intervention – specialist customer group and intervention support specialists.
  • Skills – complementary providers of pre-employment and workforce development e.g. SFA provision (Apprenticeships, QCF etc.).
  • Strategic – emerging Local Enterprise Partnerships, strategic authorities and stakeholders (including social enterprises, mutuals, voluntary and community groups) across social inclusion, regeneration, debt, families, childcare, housing, health etc.

Our Expression of Interest can be accessed via our website at . Alternatively please feel free to contact Ben Nutter or Rupert Melvin in our Business Development team at or on 0845 330 6573.

Seetec is keen to hear ideas (email into on how to use the £1m enabling fund to support the Work Programme and 21st Century Welfare Reforms including attracting further resources from the private, public and voluntary sector. We will be making further announcements on our Big Society initiative in due course.

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