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– Remploy announces redundancies

Remploy, has announced a voluntary redundancy programme for its factory workers.

This is as a result of reduced sales of its manufactured goods.

A spokesman for the organisation said the decision was not a result of budget cuts, adding that the £555 million funding set to run up to 2012-13 remained intact following last October’s spending review.

“The issue is that to maintain the levels of staff in our factories, about 2,800 disabled people, we needed to substantially increase the amount of public sector sales,” said the spokesman.

“We have not been able to do that, partly because of the recession. So there is overcapacity in the factory and at any one time about 50 per cent of people in the factory are without any meaningful work. And that’s not really sustainable in terms of value for money or in offering transformative work to the people in those factories.

Remploy emphasised that the redundancy scheme is not compulsory and there were no plans to forcibly make disabled people redundant. There is also no target for the number of voluntary redundancies.

“We have also given reassurance to the government that we wouldn’t close any factories as a result of this,” he added.

We’re very much on track to get 15,000 to 20,000 people into open or mainstream employment. We’ve already surpassed the targets for this time last year. That side of the business is continuing to do very well. And we’re on the training for the Work Programme.”

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  1. If the BIG bosses did not get all these OVERPAYED bonuses then Rmploy would not be in this MESS, surely the money sould have gone back into Remploy-not into their pocket’s, It’s been MIS-MANAGEMENT that’s got Remploy were it is today.

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