The Regions, Welfare to Work

– Guardian criticises PROVIDERS: Only the wealthy benefit

Welfare to work?

Only the wealthy collect the benefits

The Guardian criticises the sector

Arec Balrin writes;

“The minimal help given to jobseekers by measures such as the Flexible New Deal benefits the providers, not the unemployed”

The article also criticises Merlin and DWP



  1. Well, that’s disposed of him, Lucy! No need to address his arguments, I suppose. A few contemptuous phrases will do.

    Not only the article, but the comments attached to it, ought to give the government pause for thought, but won’t.

  2. Not really the Guardian criticising the sector is it? Come on, stop creating headlines that are misleading!

    It’s a complete arse who’s been with A4e on FND and is joining that merry bandwagon of A4e haters. Saying that he’s had to look for help elsewhere because of having to sign an action plan and is now getting Social Fund payment. Slagging off Emma Harrison. Need I go on. Not worth the paper it’s written on.

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