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– Encouraging the unemployed into work

Cutting housing benefit for unemployed people will encourage them to return to work, the Work and Pensions Secretary has explained.

Giving evidence to the Work and Pensions Select Committee, Iain Duncan Smith said the government was committed to the cut, which will remove 10 per cent of a claimant’s housing benefit if they have been on jobseeker’s allowance for more than a year.

Claimants will be in the work programme where they will receive intensive support, which – according to the government – will act as an incentive not a disincentive

Last month the government bowed to pressure in the House of Lords to order an independent review of its housing benefit reforms.

Mr Duncan Smith said the government would heed the conclusions of this review before launching the Universal Credit in 2013.

Details of the Universal Credit and the changes for JSA claimants will be laid out in the Welfare Reform Bill due next week.


  1. The whole unemployment system is a shambles and not fit for purpose. Whoever designed it has managed to make it more like a penitentiary punishment centre, where your very soul is ripped out by idiotic patronisers, who are clearly clueless on HR and finding the right person for the right job.

    One would have thought that as the UK’s central centre for jobs, it might be run by HR professionals like an agency, who have skilled people with departments allocated for specific trades, skills, talent etc.

    Instead it treats everyone like a criminal, even to the extent of being searched on the way in & having cappucinos forcibly confiscated.

    Might it not be more beneficial to encourage people who have the spark to set up a new business, instead of forcing them to fill in a box with a low grade job that is unsuitable?

    Might it not be more beneficial to not train the civil servants not to tell a person their 30 years experience is worthless and their qualifications useless and there must be something wrong with them?

    Might it not be more beneficial to actually have a system designed that rewards self starters and innovative thinkers and creativity, or to help guide into a different career direction that improves their current position and not try to make them jump from company director into an admin role or cleaner?

    The way the current system is devised, is to crush ones confidence and self-value and make a person feel worthless like a criminal, with the result being dependancy.

    It’s simple if you take away ones sense of security and mental encouragement, it undermines the creative ability as the brain is set in panic mode. Consequently by putting people in that mode, only makes them dependant on hand-outs, it reduces the confidence required to get back out into the world and so it is a self defeating system and is no surprise the UK has a lack of creativity and innovation, and we are increasing weaknesses, such as drug use, alcoholism, vagrance etc.

    Being in a prolonged state of dependancy and panic leads to frustration at not having an outlet for that individual’s unique purpose, which creates anger, that anger either get expressed by violence or it inverts and directs back on the person becoming depression, and there we have another UK great success, mental illness.

    Bunch of idiots who can’t see the wood for the trees.

    If they want someone who could do a better job and design a system that will improve the country, then give me the job, at least I know I could do it, but of course the job centre would be horrified at a mere mortal getting such a job, despite the fact it might actually make improvements for the whole country in the long term, perish the thought!

    Carla Calamity

  2. “Encouraging the unemployed into work” Whast a joke that statement is, according to the ONS there are only 460,000 vacancies in Great Britain, where do the idiot minister’s expect the supposed 2+ million unemployed to work?

    Maybe the coalition will magic out of thin air jobs for the worker’s, the coalition’s attack’s on the unemployed and disabled is disgusting…

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