The Benefit System, Welfare to Work, Work Capability Assessment

– Atos in the firing line

Wednesday’s Guardian ran an interesting piece on Atos and their administration of  the Work Capability assessment…

Is Atos being treated unfairly I wonder…..?

Read the very very long article….. HERE


  1. There is now a rising body of evidence suggesting there are major failings in the testing mechanism. Until these compaints are reviewed, all further assessments should be suspended before the system collapses.

    Of course this won’t happen because IDS and Grayling are hell-bent on getting people “off the dole” no matter what their circumstances.

    Once again its Tory massage of the unemployment statistics.

  2. Atos and the DWP should be prosecuted for hounding innocent disabled people into an early grave, the new welfare cuts are harming the least able of society to live productive lives.

    Shame on Cameron, Osborne, Clegg…

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