Job hunters fail to attend interviews

Job hunters fail to attend interviews

A business woman who advertised for an apprentice at her marketing firm has criticised the attitude of the unemployed after 40 out of 67 applicants failed to turn up  to interviews and most wore jeans.

Claire Curzon said that it took 14 months before she was eventually successful in recruiting. Claire explained that it was clear that most people applied simply to ensure that they could keep their benefits under the terms of receiving their Jobseekers allowance.

Of the ones who did turn up, the majority were unsuitable either from the way they presented themselves or from their attitude.



This is  an indictment on JSP who have been regularly accused of not providing suitable candidates or doing enough to prepare people for interviews.


It is also a real exposure on how some claimants are behaving and it shines a light on the urgent need for change.


It is also an indictment on the way that the new Work Programme is having the unintended consequence of nudging behaviour to ‘beat the system’.


So in a nutshell!! we have a long way to go…….


  1. This argument that JCP send the wrong Customers is in my opinion critically flawed, JCP will not vet candidates unless the employer asks for this service.
    JCP offer everything from a basic self service advert to training, sift and selection, it depends on the level of service agreed in the first place.

  2. I’m sorry – It’s the Provider’s fault for not preparing the candidates for interview? I disagree – there are many factors such as lack of focus on employers needs in school, to poor preparation by careers advisors and Jobcentre to ineadequate parental support.

  3. It’s more a comment on the Apprenticeship Provider having a very poor employer engagement strategy and not preparing candidates properly for interviews

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