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Welfare Reform Bill in breach of human Rights?

Is the Welfare Reform Bill in breach of  human Rights?

The Joint Committee on Human Rights warned that elements of the Welfare Reform Bill could be in breach of the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR).

The committee backed the Government’s aim of supporting more people into work as the best route out of poverty.

However it warned withdrawing benefits for up to three years from claimants if they fail to meet certain requirements, could hit some people who were unable to work.

The parliamentary Human Rights Joint Committee has decided that to do so could put the human rights of the ‘unemployable’ at risk

They also said that taking away jobseekers’ allowance from these people could plunge some families into destitution – something which would amount to ‘inhuman or degrading treatment’.

The committee also criticised Work and Pensions Secretary Iain Duncan Smith’s plan to impose a welfare cap of £26,000 a year, to ensure that families on benefits do not receive more than the average worker.

The Committee reported;

‘We believe there is a risk that the conditionality and sanction provisions in the Bill might in some circumstances lead to destitution, such as would amount to inhuman or degrading treatment contrary to Article 3 of the European Convention of Human Rights, if the individual concerned was genuinely incapable of work.’


‘We do not consider that making benefits conditional on compliance with work-related requirements is in breach of the prohibition on servitude and forced labour in Article 4 of the ECHR.’


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  1. kwwping benefits low in order to encourage people back into work that are capABLE certainly doesnt ensure they safe and care about people enough to work in certain jobs….that they learn about in work focussed activity.

    They learn in schools and in mental health institutions alot about the work of the professional carer and manager and they meet and engage with that sort of person and may aspire to be more like them but there is an element in society that are unsuitable for work or thru contact with the unsuitable become disabled enough not to find work…..

    people think poverty in many ways breeds disibility thru bad diet or control of diet but the inability to keep warm with a circulation enough to endure a winter
    or to have a hot meal because they have insufficient cooking means and cannot enable a hot drink or two each day and a hot meal two or three times a month(many like more and expect daily but really we suffer with circulation with sinuses not cleared and a blocked head and brain if we are denied a hot meal completely for longer) is a longstanding issue for the elderley / disabled and family alike.

    WE now need often to think about bottled water and water filteres for suitable drinking water and fruit juices and succulent fruits and veg if there are low supplies….about longstoreage foods if there is a disaster environmental or man made that knocks out deliverys and growth of crops meats and fruit and veg and other supplies important to the economy.

    NEW jobs are few we circulate the ones that exist….so tru employment of all if jobs are no longer wanted or certain things are manufactured abroad or get destroyed and lived without for many years leaves many truly long term unemployed.

    destruction of life to ensure fewer for what is left is definately NOT humanitarian but caring for all and not survival of the fitest BUT help each other to survive may be the aim…..but that normally works amongst close nit familys with the professionals taking the stance that they earn to care for others so they can care for their familys if they have one….many turn to caring for others tho when they have recovered from losing their own unless they went straight into nursing and such like from school and college when they must quite frankly be wondering when it is safe enough to have one of their own !

    Some work voluntary for no pay and like social interaction between people for GAP time to share skills and learn some new ones.

    every one needs a pocket with something in it….or to look for that is free
    BUT we dont expect to have to get back to ethics of workhouses which may have been old big environments of people quite honestly sharing a dining table and the ability to find a tap on for washing….which someone turns round to help those with bigger pockets

    these days it is commonly expected for working classes to have financed or managed to aquire per a charity a washing machine of their own and leaves just a few lauderettes for the likes of people that havnt got permenent housing or for people liking a chat while they do it….not so much scrubbing at a river and an old mangle for arthritic hands.

    SO where is the assumed pocket for it if you are unemploed …the common fridge and freezer…the deoderiser to go in it
    for the unwaged…it is a dilemma at broken down and replacement.

    assumed insurances that give some engagement in work…but where is the pocket for it

    people are into borrowing for vehicle costs and holidays…wheres the pocket for it without work
    where is the local work
    where is the leisure time created for someone elses work

    where is the pocket for it

    without the pocket where is the pocket for Business for the employment of others

    so where is the pocket…its in some elses…but you have to wait for someone to allocate it to the task you want completed you cannot pinch it

    SO come on government

    where is your pocket……when can we allocate for assumed needs..borrowing ….you said cut it !

    we certainly try for a while

    in fact we end up cutting repayments …no work no pockets less spending…less manufacture…just less and less
    then less work

    its a bit of a circle ive seen it all before

    Goodness to the young ….but poor old sis and mum are more than Granny
    by now BUT weve seen it coming

    BOOM or BUST….on the up for sales..!!!!!!!!!!!

    WHEN have people got it in their pockets? to BUY BUY BUY rather then
    sell and give away and look at downsize
    Then they find how many people dont fit in

    they see how many pockets are really needed to finance even the small

    some start small and never get on to BOOM BOOM and BUY BUY BUY

    but had and lost and said goodbye…is where most grans find em selves
    wanted for the Grandchildren…??????????????
    i am not sure BUT aim for DIE i am sure dont work

    so where is your pocket….Goodness when and not in arrears it needs to be

    some £30 + extra every month some £10 + extra a month just to cope with the gas and the electric

    if we cannot pay..they dont pay their employed then they return to the unpaid again
    for how long do you let it go on

    worry over the interesty rate

    why does it have to go up
    just because borrowing increases
    someone controls it
    you shouldnt arrange it
    arent you getting that extra 100 people multiplying the extra £1000 every time the clock turns round

    why extra why not just as we are??????

    where is that pocket
    it darent be in an arms bucket
    we advocate humanitarianism and peace

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