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Liam Byrne tells us whats going on…..

Liam Byrne tells us whats going on…..

Labour’s Policy Review: THE NEW CENTRE-GROUND
Across the country, local Labour parties are now debating reports on our first year’s work on the policy review – you can get hold of copies here.
To help the debate, I’ve written a new pamphlet for Progress – here’s the link – setting out a few of the key ideas which are emerging centre-stage – both for us in the UK, and for progressive parties around the world.

My article setting out the argument is in this month’s edition of Progress. Here’s the link

Our argument with the government on their welfare changes came to a head in Parliament last week, with a major 7 hour debate on Wednesday.

We want welfare-to-work – but that needs jobs; and the government aren’t helping create enough of them.

Worse, I believe the welfare reform bill crosses a basic line of decency axing, support for patients still recovering from cancer, and young people with disabilities. The government has tried to make the big argument about a cap on benefits; actually we agree with a cap – but we want a cap that doesn’t backfire. Here’s the link to my Telegraph article.

Finally, and most important in Hodge Hill our campaign to get young people back to work is gathering pace.
After securing £167 milllion of new investment over the last 6 years – in new health centres, schools, classrooms, libraries and homes (you can see a map here), and creating a new constituency-wide Community Interest Community to help our local social entreprenuers – our total focus this year is on jobs.

We’ll hold a major summit for local businesses shortly, to ask what more they can do to help – and we’ll be bringing our young people together to help with job search shortly thereafter. Let me know if you can help!

Yesterday, I spent the morning with Mayor Robin Wales in Newham , who is pioneering radical new ways of putting the Council’s muscle behind the crucial task of getting people into jobs. That’s the kind of approach I’ll be calling for in Birmingham.
As ever, keen on views on any and all of this!

Best wishes

Liam Byrne MP

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