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Mandatory Work related Activity Stats!!

Mandatory Work related Activity Stats!!

Mandatory Work Activity (MWA) was launched on 16th May 2011, enabling Jobseekers Allowance (JSA) claimants to move closer to the labour market by helping them reengage with the system, refocus their job search and gain work-related disciplines, whilst also delivering a contribution to the local community.

Activities include attending on time, regularly carrying out specific tasks and working under supervision.

Allowance claimants who would benefit from a short period of activity.
The vehicle for MWA is work-based placements delivered by external providers under contract to DWP. For those referred to a placement, their participation is mandatory.

  • Last for 4 weeks
  • For 30 hours per week, unless restrictions apply, so allowing the claimant time to meet their actively seeking obligations
  • Reduced in line with any restrictions a claimant might have on their Jobseeker’s Agreement. In such circumstances, placements will take up 75% of the time a claimant is available for work.
  • Isof benefit to the local community
  • MWA participants continue to claim JSA and attend Jobsearch Reviews.

Key figures

From May 2011 up to and including November 2011 there have been:

  • 24,010 initial referrals to a Mandatory Work Activity placement

Statistics on Mandatory Work Activity referrals isavailable here: Read more

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