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A4e, DWP & Ministers must not flinch

A4e, DWP & Ministers must not flinch

This afternoon’s papers clearly show that the wolves are out; the hyenas are also now circling along with the vultures … it’s so easy to knock down what has been built up over many years of hard work.

There is clearly an attempt to bounce DWP officials into pre-emptive actions and for the investigating authorities to ratchet up their undertakings.

The worst possible result would be for DWP to bow to the “court of public opinion”…. In fact the so called court of public opinion is being fed by a few newspapers and politicians who have their own agenda.

  • A4e needs to stand firm on its record,
  • the sector needs to stand firm and
  • DWP and Ministers  (Chris G &  Iain DC) need to look the storm in the eye without flinching….

This afternoon A4e issued a statement clarifying its position and its track record

A4e’s statement

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