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Providers should be aware….

Providers should be aware....

Providers should be aware and cautious about new employees and about people wondering around their premises.

For those of you who receive our Daily morning news monitoring service you will read that interest in the performance of providers and the Work Programme has not abated: in fact, we seem to be entering a new phase.

On Saturday morning we found leaked performance figures for A4e on the web… We quickly informed the organisation and took the decision not to publish them because the sole purpose of the leak was to cause problems and difficulties for A4e, its staff, DWP, Chris G and the government.

Providers need to be aware and alert… 

We understand that attempts are being made to encourage staff and or to place (individuals) journalists in organisations with the express purpose of finding – one could also argue; encouraging – practices that could be construed as fraudulent, dishonest and at the very least hard to explain.

I am sure steps have been taken by providers but CEO’s should ensure that they corporately communicate to their staff;


  • They are intolerant to wrong doing,
  •  They human error can and does occur ‘so –without fear- please report any errors or concerns to managers’,
  •  Line managers should communicate issues to their line managers/board etc and corrective actions put in place to address and prevent such errors re-occurring in the future,
  •  All staff should be cautious about handling media enquires of ANY nature,
  •  Staff should use the internalwhistle blowing processes first, 
  • CEO should reveiew historic complaints or issues of concern to ensure reasonable & appropriate actions were/have been taken..

Confirm the organisations commitment to high standards and delivering effectively and efficiently

yesMinister would be delighted to assist in any way we can.



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