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A4e probed further…

A4e probed further...

Yesterday the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) announced a review of all A4e’s contracts in the light of allegations of attempted fraud in relation to Mandatory Work Activity and the number of hours being worke. The allegation relates to a local contract and is believed to involve a relatively small amount of money.

A DWP statement said:

 “As a result of this new allegation, DWP has immediately commenced its own independent audit of all our commercial relationships with A4e.

“We have required A4e to make available all documentation which our auditors may require and provide full access to interview any A4e employees. This is separate from the independent review of internal controls which A4e has previously announced.

We have made it absolutely clear to A4e that we take this matter very seriously, and that if, at any point during the audit or thereafter, we find evidence of systemic fraud in DWP’s contracts with A4e, we will not hesitate to immediately terminate our commercial relationship.”

A4e said:

 “The board has made consistently clear in all previous statements that we take any allegations of fraudulent or otherwise illegal activity extremely seriously. There is absolutely no place for this type of misconduct at A4e. We obviously acknowledge the concerns raised by DWP, and we welcome and will co-operate fully with their planned investigations.

 Please refer to our previous story advising providers to be on their guard. Providers beware…

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