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The political cost of another government u-turn

The political cost of another government u-turn

Some Conservative members today have suggested that George Osborne plans to water down his proposal to cap tax relief on donations. This development comes as the government announced a climb down on the raise of VAT on Cornish pasties

The Labour Party has released a document “The Tory-led Government: A programme for no change which lists Coalition Government policy reverses.

The Labour Party has listed 31 areas set out in the Coalition Agreement, including business, welfare and education, where Government policy has been reversed. In this document, the Labour Party underlines the current recession, high youth unemployment and cuts in the welfare budget.

So the question is, is the Coalition Government aimlessly floating from one policy initiative to the next without any consideration as Labour suggests, or are the Coalition prepared to listen to stakeholders and change policy when they get it wrong instead of simply steaming along?

Our thought is that the coalition government are doing a bit of both; they are both listening and messing up. They clearly listen and adjust as public opinion – its really the media isn’t it?- becomes agitated and shouts out against some of the apparent injustices in their policies. On the other side, the coalition is not thinking through its policies sufficiently well and is too reliant on pre-announcing and floating ideas to see what the ‘media’ think.


  1. Speaking as a habitual politics watcher, I have to say that U-turns make for great political debate and often lead to changes over time. However, speaking as a self employed voter, worried where the next pound is coming from, I would rather have a government that [at least] gives the impression that it knows where it is going and has a plan how to get there.

    My advice would be get yourself back to the polls and obtain a majority that will allow you to take back control of this country … Coalition politics is getting us just making Britain look like a bunch of ditherers.

  2. Perhaps if these Idiots lived in the Real World they would get things Right the First Time, and NOT have to keep doing U turns. The Truth is
    they are NOT up to the Job, and are acting like a Bull in a China Shop
    and the Tactic of Turning Society againts each other is NOT working. The Coalition will disolve in aprox 23 months, and the Election being
    in 35 months time, by then the Tory Vote will be demolished !!!

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