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This is why the system needs to change!!

Single mother Linda Kozlovska, moved to the UK in 2008 from European Union nation Latvia with three children, she now has 10 children.

She now receives £34,000 a year in state benefits – far more than she would get in her home country and £13,000 more than a newly qualified nurse who is paid just £21,000.

Ms Kozlovska, 31, says her rented property, which is maintained by the council, is now not big enough and
she is demanding a bigger house.

From the three-bedroom home in Boston, Lincolnshire, the selfemployed cleaner said:

“I want a bigger house. I don’t like it here. When we moved in it had bed bugs.”

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  1. This is below yesminister’s usual standards as a news service. It’s not clear who authored the superscript comment but it is deeply unwise to make policy on the basis of single cases: precisely the point that yesminister made for example when it said we should not allow individual unfortunate cases to deflect us from driving ahead with unpaid work experience. Secondly, if you read the source article … which you have simply quoted without amendment ….. you will see that all the benefits quoted are inwork benefits. The working nurse you mention if s/he had 10 children would be receiving exactly the same benefits. Finally please take more care where references to young children are involved. They are after all hardly to blame for this yet we see that the Express has published their names and ages; and a photograph of their house. Quite frankly this is shameful stuff from the media; and not what many of us subscibe to yesminister for.

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