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Daily Monitor: Iain Duncan Smith benefits are destructive, income fall


Welfare system creates ‘destructive behaviour’

Daily Telegraph, The Times

During a speech to Cambridge Public Policy, a think tank associated with the university, the minister will say that the welfare system is “promoting destructive behaviour” by encouraging poorer families to have more children and denying them the incentive to get a job, the Work and Pensions Secretary will warn today.
The minister will insist that the system return to the principles of William Beveridge, the economist whose vision for the modern welfare state was implemented by the post-war Labour government.

In his first major speech since publicly agreeing to draw up another £10billion of benefits savings, the Work and Pensions Secretary will insist that the system must return to the principles of William Beveridge, the founder of the modern welfare state.

Income falling short each month

The Daily Telegraph

According to areport by the insurance group Aviva, people aged 35 to 44 need another £600 a month to feel financially comfortable, research suggests.

Britons in this age bracket said their annual income, £29,735 on average, led them to feel about £612 short each month. in all age groups, people reported falling £466 short each month. Those aged 45 to 54 said they needed another £559 a month to feel financially secure, while those aged 25 to 34 felt an additional £581 each month would bring them peace of mind.

Out of the 2,000 people surveyed, the 35 to 44 age group were said to be the most pessimistic about their future.

Child benefit plans will leave tax authorities struggling

The Daily Telegraph

MPs have heard evidence that, by pushing another 500,000 people into the selfassessment system for tax, the child benefit cuts will leave the tax authorities struggling to cope.

One tax expert suggested that the change due next year will force people to ask potential partners and spouses about their income before getting together, for fear of losing benefits.

From January, any household where one person earns more than £60,000 will lose entitlement to full child benefit. Those earning between £50,000 and £60,000 will lose some of the benefit.



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