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Richard Johnson, Managing Director of Serco Welfare to Work on Cameron, Clegg and the future of Welfare

Richard Johnson, managing director of Serco Welfare to Work, on how the new coalition government may affect the welfare-to-work sector […]

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State of the nation report: poverty, worklessness and welfare dependency in the UK

Depending on your perspective, the state of the nation report paints a very bleak or a very realistic picture of life in the UK. For many citizens the credit crunch was always an integral part of their life… the boom years? what boom..

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Personalisation in Welfare to Work

Personalisation, FND PEP, Pathways to work

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Iain Duncan Smith on Welfare reform

In 2009 Iain Duncan Smith suggested radical reform of our benefits system. As Secretary of State will he now deliver?

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How does the conservative proposal on Welfare reform compare to Labours’

The conservative’s proposal on Welfare reform The conservatives have proposed 1. To simplify Labour’s different programmes into one single back-to-work […]

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