Current Projects

Voluntary sector Bidding Company

Working with the London Voluntary Sector Council to establish a London wide voluntary sector bidding company.

In October 2011 LVSC submitted a Transforming Local Infrastructure Bid to the Big Fund and were successful. yesMinister is working with LVSC and its partners to establish a bidding company created for the purposes of enabling frontline voluntary sector organisations to find and win contracts and support the delivery of services to London’s diverse communities. Both large and small frontline organisations will benefit. This work will include mapping those consortia which exist and ensuring that the new bidding company is plays positioned to support and sustain London’s voluntary sector.


We undertook scoping work for the Institute of Financial Services in relation to the provision of Employer Ownership Pilot (EOP). The Employer Ownership of Skills pilot was a competitive fund open to employers to invest in their current and future workforce in England. Employers were invited to develop proposals that raise skills, create jobs, and drive enterprise and economic growth. Government will invest in projects in which employers are also prepared to commit their own funds in order to make better use of our combined resources.

New business enterprise development, Policy, PR, Stakeholder Engagement

yesMinister is working with TBG Learning and developing business propositions for the commercial market around health and social care.

yesMinister is providing public affairs and PR support and developing a number of outwardly facing initiatives that will impact on the work of TBG Learning at its local centres.

We have just completed a national Perceptions Audit for the TBG Learning which will prove immensely useful as the organisation delivers public sector contracts and continue to meeting the needs of its diverse beneficiaries.

Prospectus development, Marketing, PR

yesMinister is working with the Skills and Development Agency and supporting it in the preparation and development of its suit of training programmes. We are developing and designing their comprehensive prospectus of support services and providing marketing PR and PA support.

Skills & Development Alliance; content development,

We have just completed developing the content for the website of the alliance here

Policy, strategic and technical advice

As part of the Government’s Free School Programme The Skills and Development Agency (S&DA) has been successful in its bid to set up STEM Academy in Hackney. STEM Academy is a brand new proposed Academy due to open its doors in September 2013. Based in the London Borough of Hackney, the Academy will offer places to pupils aged 16-19 from all over London who are interested and demonstrate an aptitude in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM). yesMinister is providing advice and support during the set up process.

Blues skies project

Working with agencies to develop the regional peoples parliament




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