Youth Empowerment Programmes (YEP)

Youth Empowerment Programmes (YEP)

yesMinister’s Youth Empowerment Programmes (YEP) is a series of new initiatives which involves, engages and empowers young people from a variety of backgrounds to participate in civic society and get involved in their democracy.

yesMinister’s YEP seeks to work with young people who are interested in taking an active interest in their civic society. Our aim is to assist these individuals in developing new skills and enabling them to express themselves to decision-makers, while also promoting the benefits of volunteering and developing in-work skills.

YEP supports all young people to be active citizens. In particular, YEP assists marginalised young people, including NEETs, young ex-offenders and young people at risk of entering the penal system to become engaged with decision-makers, encouraging dialogue, participation and representation.

YEP promotes youth involvement in local and national decision-making processes, through skills of democratic self-expression. YEP also encourages civic volunteering and organises voluntary placements for young people with key decision-makers including: the House of Commons; Government offices; Ministries; Local Authorities; Police Authorities; and other key stakeholder organisations.


All young participants receive a full menu of Life Skills training incorporating communication, inter-personal skills, pre-employment training and employability: ensuring all participants are prepared for completing voluntary placements with decision-makers and to support participants for future opportunities whether this be in education, employment or further training.

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