Lone Parents, Welfare to Work

Lone Parents – The next big challenge for Welfare to Work byLiz Sewell – of Take three days

Lone parents whose youngest child is aged five or over will be moved onto Jobseekers Allowance rather than Income Support from 2011-12 as part of the Coalition Government’s Welfare to Work reforms. This could amount to a cohort of around 350,000 more customers on JSA since 2008 and become an increasingly significant customer group for W2W Providers to support.

Our experience shows that lone parents need focused support to get back to work, this includes;

  1. Group activities to build confidence and motivation, and act as a catalyst.
  2. Specialist Advisers who are empathetic to their concerns.
  3. Support to build the network that will get them back to work, which can mean access to childcare, basic skills, ESOL etc
  4. A guide to help them through the process of getting back to work
  5. And a hand to hold as they move into work.

W2W organizations are going to need to build their capacity to support this group of clients and as importantly develop relationships with employers that deliver the types of flexible working this group requires.
Liz Sewell will be speaking at the Welfare to Work Convention on Friday 2nd July, outlining ways Welfare to Work organizations can help lone parents get back to work more quickly.

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