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NEWS ALERT!!! Group MD of G4S (David Banks) gives the first glimpse into G4S’s thinking on Welfare to Work

“Last week David Banks, Group MD of G4S, gave a speech at Reform’s Welfare Conference.  Although the speech was only short it has generated considerable interest and excitement amongst industry insiders, the financial world and the media. With just a few weeks to go until Sean Williams officially starts as Managing Director of their Welfare-to-Work Division the speech gives a tantalising first glimpse into G4S’s thinking in this area. Yes Minister have the….Full text here


  1. Now that Right to Bid programme, which provided funding for innovation within welfare to work programmes – has been cancelled – it was very interesting to hear David Banks talk about the importance of a “discovery period” for all providers. We hope that he is successful in his calls and that providers are able to take risks and innovate within the Work Programme, so that ideas like the Community Allowance – can be developed in partnership by prime providers and community organisations.

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