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Welfare to Work SPECIAL: Lord Freud

What the Lord Said!!

Lord David Freud

There was much weeping wailing and gnashing of teeth in the sector; but whoever said change was easy?

This year’s welfare to work convention was a feast of activity. The weeping, wailing and gnashing of teeth were temporarily paused as Lord Freud approached the podium….


Lord Freud gave his very laid back account of where we are, how we got here, why we need to make changes and what those changes are.

  • I am sure that you are all very well versed on this;


Eyebrows were raised and the audience was forced out of its reverie when Lord Freud expounded on THE FRAMEWORK. The weeping, wailing and gnashing of teeth were replaced by murmurings and questioning; delegates were surprised, astonished and perplexed at what was said

Here’s what was said…..

Dave Simmonds follow up question: “Can I just clarify  your response to Steve’s question about the framework and consortia?  You seem to be implying that the priority for organisations should be to get onto the framework and thereafter you can sort out consortia yeah?”

David Freud response: “Yeah.”

Dave Simmonds continuation: “Whereas some people have been assuming that the hurdle is going to be so high to get on the framework that you’re going to have to sort out the consortia before.  I think that was steve’s point.  But you’re saying ‘no, no, no’ the hurdle’s going to be sufficiently low to let through maybe a greater number of organisations but you’re then anticipating that those organisations once one the framework will be congealing together in one shape or form.”

David Freud response: see his FULL RESPONSE HERE


This raises questions as to what the framework really is;

What do we know so far?

“The framework competition will identify organisations (including consortia) that have the capacity and expertise to deliver not only the Work Programme but also other potential employment related support services contracts”

Q:1 How will local authorities and other commissioners of employment related services access the framework?

Q:2 Will the Framework be the primary tool used to commission provision or will there be separate tendering rounds. Given the huge spend by providers on PQQ, ITT and tender submissions DWP will need to act sensitively to reduce costs.

I have some details on EU Framework agreements that I will be condensing for you…..its pretty heavy going though!


  1. Freud has to go…Get him out get him out…
    Hoo wilby next?

  2. Mr.Burdon is not the only one to have had trouble with the DWP but surely people in office like Lord Freud should be there to protect people from these 15 year old abuses…not encourage them.We should start a campaign to get rid of the Lord Freuds in this corrupt system.
    Joe Public

  3. My MP Mr.G.Stringer has just had a reply from this so called Wefare Reform Minister Lord Freud that is one sided[never asked me]Draconian,wrong and bias …it belongs in the Victorian days and all good thinking people and his peers should be made aware of his so called reforms…Heres mine.
    In 1995 somebody used my identity to get a £400 loan from the state.The first I knew was in 2005 when the DWP contacted me asking for the money.I bought my present house in 2000 and been here since so the rubbish of me eluding the DWP is untrue to which he alludes.The local Councillor got on to the DWP and they said that as it was over 10 years old then I would not be harassed further by debt agencies[which Lord Freud encourages these bullies to add further money as he has clearly stated in his letter].
    I am asking for that letter now to back me up from the Councillor.I next hear from the DWP a few weeks ago demanding £400 from me and I complain to my MP only to get a self serving justification from Lord Freud[Welfare Reform Minister]who shows his true colours etc.
    Mr Freud,without getting his facts right,insists that the DWP can pursue me with debt agencies which is wrong and needs exposing.If the Welfare needs Reforming we certainly do not need the likes of an overpaid cavalier Lord Freud to make Machiavellian laws.
    Sincerely Mr.R.Burdon

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