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– Prevista Partnership Network Expands regionally

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Prevista Partnership Network Expands to prepare for large scale delivery and business development opportunities

Prevista are taking forward their partnership delivery model by further developing and enhancing their Prevista Partnership Network (PPN) to increase links with leading skills providers, employability trainers and specialist support partners and employers. The PPN will provide customer groups with support and expert assistance to gain sustained employment, return to education, gain accredited training such as Apprenticeships and NVQs or develop entrepreneurial expertise to move into self-employment or grow existing businesses.

Prevista’s aim is to further build on their robust partnership network which can tender for high value contracting opportunities now and in the future, including DWP, SFA, ESF and RDA/LEP funding. They believe that by combining expertise and intelligence they will become better positioned to secure funding and increase their success ratio.

Capturing details of track records, specialisms and delivery capability, the Prevista Partnership Network (PPN) provides an informal and flexible vehicle to drive multi-agency working. The breadth of Prevista’s experience positions members of the Partnership Network to secure entry and maintain a footing across a range of new and emerging funding opportunities. Set up by Prevista, they are in a unique position to accept expressions of interest from any company, combining grass root organisations with regional and national Providers including those with Minimum Contract Values of less than £500k.

Prevista is a dynamic, full service management and delivery company with 15 years experience in delivering employment initiatives, skills development and enterprise programmes as they relate to economic, social and cultural development, combining these to deliver large scale contracts across regions.

Prevista’s model builds on the company’s expertise of linking strategic diversity champions, key intermediaries and high performing delivery organisations. “In light of the Coalition Governments’ policies, seamless multi-agency working is paramount to the success of delivery, especially when considering positioning to deliver major contracts for PRIMES under the Single Work Programme, SFAs, RDAs/LEPS and ESF opportunities” comments James Clements Smith, Managing Director for Prevista.

To become part of the expanding London Partnership Network email to receive an Expression of Interest form.

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Issued by Prevista Ltd. For further information contact James West, Assistant Director Marketing & Sales, or 020 7609 4198

Editors notes:

1. Prevista’s Partnership Network (PPN) aims to increase links with leading skills providers, employability trainers, enterprise agencies and diverse specialists. Providing support and expert assistance, every application will be considered and combined to provide an extensive pool for multi-agency working and accessing funding and tendering opportunities

2. Prevista delivers from 21 delivery sites servicing all 33 London Boroughs, and has offices in the Midlands and the South East of England

3. Prevista provides programmes to DWP, JCP, RDAs/LEPS , SFAs, Colleges, Enterprise Agencies, VCS and 3rd sector organisations

4. Prevista works with young people and NEETs, the long-term unemployed, ethnic minorities, lone parents and women, over 50, disabled, and other hard to reach groups

5. Prevista has over 50 subcontractors and is connected to a large supplier base a cross all of London’s specialist support Providers as well as the Midlands and the South East


  1. Do not believe a single word of this company’s promotion material. We totally endorse the previous comments. Suggest those interested check the company’s finances if they want evidence.

  2. Met there marketing manager at one of their events. What a pompous stuck up individual, the comments he made here has convinced me that he has never had any communication with the communities he claims Prevista ‘represent’. Ridiculous, if they are targeting the long term unemployed… seems like its a private company gaining a profit of public money…. not impressed!

  3. We’re loving the move towards partnership working AND we’re hopeful that the recession will promote the kind of thinking we started with – that the only way to sustainably support people back into work is to treat them as resourceful adults and support them to create networked solutions to getting work that they want.
    Our experience has been that creating small, innovative, challenging groups with a diverse cross-section of job seekers is the way forward and have independent evidence that 69% of our hardest to help job seekers find sustainable employment.
    We are currently exhausted by the tendering process which is fine if you’re medium to large and have people specifically employed to tender – we however, are a small company and if we’re tendering we aren’t working which puts great financial strain on our own organisation and cashflow. Each partner has slightly different questions/wording so we can’t cut and paste between EOI and tenders for different partners.
    Anyone got any ideas for streamlining this process?

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