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Travel expenses not paid on the Work Programme

Should Prime contractors be paying the travel expenses of job seekers?


… well, that is the question…..

A couple of Work Programme providers are been accused of operating ‘Sharp practices’ and not covering reasonable expenses and/or not informing job seekers of rights


Any news on this would be appreciated… however, as with all these types of complaints there are shades of grey…




  1. I am voluntary on the Work Programme. I have been to , Scotland twice, Wigan twice, London twice, stayed twice had too because a morning interview, Harrogate, Leeds, Manchester, Derby, Wales. And probably more that I have forgotten for interview.
    I’m at Cheshire Trainers Associates, Warrington as my provider. They have so far provided zero in expenses to me.

    Can I demand my money? I’ve told Job Centre. Sent emails and given copies. What now?

    I decided to not attend one session to see what occurs. Normally they send out a letter referral saying your benefits will be stopped! I get no benefits! So what now happens?

    The Government said we work until 65 as women and when we get interviews and improve our job prospects this is how we become treated by NOT PAYING our expenses. I have scanned the DWP information and can see nothing amended or that is written in stone ANYWHERE about voluntary expenses being paid for or against. I reckon a lawyer could sue.

  2. i have been on the work programme for 4 months with ingeus being the provider. Ive not recieved a penny in travelling expenses.

  3. I have been waiting for 4 months for A4e to pay my travel expenses after starting work. I started work in May and had to wait six weeks for my first salary as I missed the cut-off point. I had just started on the A4e work programme. I found my own job and was assured by my job centre advisor that A4e would cover my travel costs. I was told by my A4e advisor and his manager that my travel costs would be covered. I have put in a formal complaint for the lack of response to communications and action to reimburse me. The compliant is now with the Regional Manager who says travel costs are ‘discretionary’ and in my opinion it’s looking unlikely that I will receive them.
    No doubt they have received government money for having me on the work programme, getting more money because I found work, and another sum of money now I’ve been in work more than 13 weeks, without lifting a finger to help me find work or support me to keep in work.
    Meanwhile, I’m over £500 out of pocket, travelling over 100 miles per day to work and back and in serious financial difficulties as a consequence.

  4. If anyone is reading this I have not received my expenses for attending a Mandatory activity. I have travelled 14 mile return trip for 9 days so far and another 6 days in the next 2 weeks. My provide ATS(part of G4S) refuse to pay my expenses and say its JCP responsibility, JCP say that ATS have signed a contract and I am under their umbrella. Formal complaint made awaiting outcome. BTW Mandatory activity for a BTEC 1 course run by JTJ Solutions of Ashford Kent say its nothing to do with them either. Someone is a winner and its not me, I will be approximately £30 down out of a disposable income from JSA of £40.

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