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DWP Select Committee: Grayling in command, shakin Stevens, Serco, A4e & SMF

DWP Select Committee: Grayling in command, shakin Stevens, Serco, A4e & SMF

This week’s Department for Work and Pensions Select Committee meeting was a truly enlightening event. Chris Grayling was at his most fluent and as he responded to, rebuffed and jostled with members of the committee.

This was a minister who had been under a continuous barrage of criticism and attack from the media, the private sector, the public sector, the third sector and well organised pressure groups.

Chris Grayling was prepared and ready to defend.

Officials on either side of the minister barely said a word such was the determination of the minister

 “Andrew Lansley could really benefit from undertaking Work Experience with Mr G

Responding to questions on reviewing non-intervention, Chris Grayling quickly broke cover and cleverly realigned the position of the government by emphasising what Primes Contractors said they could achieve.

The Minister was again in commando mode and scathing about the claims made by the Social Market Foundation. He also rebuffed the report produced by the National Audit Office.

Chris Grayling Shakin…
Those of you – us – of a certain age who remember Shaking Stephens: well he’s back.
Chris Grayling advised us all that there’s going to be a shake-up –  a shaking, a shakeout a shake it all about-  with a substantial amount of providers falling away.

Chris Grayling on A4e
On the issue of fraud, the minister clearly set out the context and whilst responding to questions around A4e he reiterated the government’s position about systemic fraud. He played it pretty cool saying that errors occur in all organisations including government.

Chris Grayling on Serco
Regarding Serco – or as the minister said, “the Former Managing Director of Serco” – Chris Grayling displayed a level of irritation and discomfort that was impossible for him to mask.

You can see the full committee on the parliament website or see yesMinister’s limited access notes below.


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