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Scottish Doctors compares disability policy with Nazis

Scottish Doctors compares disability policy with Nazis

A group of Scottish Doctors has compared the new disability claimant assessments with the policy of mass execution of thousands of disabled people in Europe during the second world war.

The group which have named themselves the Black Triangle Campaign are objecting to proposals to replace Disability Living Allowance (DLA) assessments with Personal Independence Payment (PIP) assessments in Scotland.

Despite having one of the lowest levels of fraudulent claimants of any benefit in the UK, the Westminster Government has decided to introduce a new tougher set of assessments in order to receive the payments.

On both sides of the Scottish and English border the scheme has received criticism as Government figures reveal that up half a million people could lose their entitlement to claim the benefit, however it is in Scotland where the debate is really heating up.

The Black Triangle Campaign (named after the badge the Nazis forced disabled people to wear in Second World War Death Camps), has urged the Scottish Government to oppose the plans and not to use the “Nuremberg Defence” where Nazi war criminals said that they were simply obeying orders.

yesMinister comment

While the proposed reforms will have adverse effects on some members of our society; the approach of this group is alarming and highly insensitive to the memory of those who were killed in the Nazi death camps.

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