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Government to Introduce Mandatory Volunteering Scheme

Government to Introduce Mandatory Volunteering Scheme

Employment Minister Chris Grayling announced that 18-24 year-olds who have been unemployed for six months or more since leaving education will be required to complete a 30 hour volunteering placement if they are to continue receiving state benefits.

The move correlates  with the Mayor’s promise to help create 200,000 jobs over the next four years.

The new scheme differs from the Government’s ‘Back to Work’ scheme, in which claimants of the unemployment benefit were urged to start an unpaid work placement or risk losing their benefits. The previous scheme involved job seekers undertaking roles such as stacking shelves and resulted in a negative public reaction which saw several companies and charities withdraw their support.

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  1. This scheme is a scam and is targeting everyone on JSA. Mandatory volunteering they call it. Contradictory doublespeak for workfare. They have a nice little deal too avoiding the minimum wage laws and selling your employment cheaper to employers and making profit. Really if there is a job position to be worked I want minimum wage and a job not the above. Terrible times…

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